20 Celebrities Who Got Fired Before They Made it Big

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It’s common practice to sneer at celebrities, assuming they shot to fame with minimal obstacles in their way. Hoards of insecurity breeds when comparing your life to a Hollywood star or tech giant, thinking, “How did they make it so easily?” Well, not everything is so peachy-keen for our favorite celebrities. From Steve Jobs to Elvis Presley, countless big-names experienced multiple failures before living the high-life.

Getting fired isn’t a great motivator, especially from a job you love. That dreaded pink slip can rock your confidence for months, causing a cycle of bitterness and stress if you’re too hard on yourself. Let it be a comfort that even the most talented writers and business lovers struggled to keep their first jobs. From insubordination to outright poor quality, celebrities have been fired for everything under the sun, even if they didn’t deserve it. Sounds familiar, right?

Luckily for these celebs, they realized how to move on and transform failure into a launchpad for future success. After their dreams, unapologetically chasing ultimately placed the following 20 celebrities among the world’s wealthiest and famous stars even after getting fired from their jobs.

We at BUZZNEUF bring these stories as a reminder never to give up even when the going gets rough (super cheesy, but true!).

Celebrities Who Got Fired Before They Made it Big

20- Oprah Winfrey

Celebrities Who Got Fired Before They Made it Big
Oprah Winfrey
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Few people have as much influence as Oprah Winfrey, with her famous talk show and book club acting as a guide to life for her fans. It’s hard to remember when Oprah wasn’t shouting, “You get a car!” to a wildly excited audience. But her career didn’t start with success large enough to partner with car companies and disperse new vehicles like Halloween candy. Her career truly began with the Baltimore news network WJZ-TV as an evening reporter.

You’d think someone who talked on air for 25 years would have been a shoo-in as a reporter, yet a producer eventually demoted her to the daytime talk-show People Are Talking. While she may have been “unfit for television news” in the traditional sense, Oprah thrived on forming connections and sharing the stories with people in her way. A passion for reporting mixed with thorough emotional investment brewed the perfect cocktail of television success.