10+ Foods That Make You Feel Hungry (and What to Eat Instead)

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Some people find themselves getting hungry just a brief while after they’ve eaten Food, whether it had been a touch snack or an entire meal. the reality is that the matter won’t be the number, but the standard, of the food you’ve eaten. tons of foods, even otherwise healthy ones, lack certain proteins or fiber, in order that they actually leave you feeling hungry. On the opposite hand, an easy replacement, or maybe preparing your favorite foods in a different way, can have the other effect: making you are feeling satisfied.

We at BUZZ NEUF like to study the science behind food and nutrition, so we’re sharing foods that will leave you feeling hungry (and telling you what you ought to eat instead). Don’t forget to see out our bonus, which shows why it’s important to buy around.

1. Food :French-fried potatoes

10+ Foods That Make You Feel Hungry (and What to Eat Instead) 59

French-fried potatoes are crammed with trans fats and salt that harm the hormones in our stomachs that are associated with helping us feel full. And adding ketchup, which contains high fructose syrup, doesn’t help. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy potatoes: just have them boiled. This way, you enjoy more vitamins and resistant starch, which works like fiber, satisfies hunger and gets you to eat fewer calories.

2. fruit crush

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10+ Foods That Make You Feel Hungry (and What to Eat Instead) 60

You might think that your glass of fruit juice is making you a touch bit healthier every day , but it can actually cause you to hungry. That’s because it lacks a crucial a part of the fruit that creates it so filling: the fiber. additionally , this beverage can spike your blood glucose , cause you to crash, and cause you to feel hungry. The healthier alternative is water with pieces of fruit in it.